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Commercial Truck and Van Upfitting in Oregon

We believe in keeping Basin Upfitting weird, which is why we are the preferred upfitter throughout the beaver state. Well, that and no sales tax. Our upfitting services help Oregon businesses boost productivity with trucks tailored to their unique needs. For instance, lumberjacks need customized trucks with winches, load levelers, and reinforced beds to haul logs efficiently. And construction companies need trucks fitted with cargo liners, ramps, and canvas covers to keep tools and materials protected in the heavy rain.


Basin Upfitting is your source for commercial truck and van upfitting in Oregon. We are proud to be one of the top distributors for Knapheide and Ranger Design, and we have one of the largest RAM bailment pools in the country. Together we are trusted in Oregon for our vehicle upfitting services. With over 40,000 square feet of shop space, millions of dollars in stocked inventory, and the most experienced installers, welders and fabricators, Basin Upfitting can build you what you need as fast as you need it.

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What Makes Basin Upfitting Unique?

Basin Upfitting has physical locations in Salt Lake City and Boise, but we ship upfitted vehicles to customers in Oregon and across the United States almost every day. Why, you ask? Because unlike mass produced, assembly-line trucks, most work trucks are specialty products with wide-ranging applications. The nearly limitless chassis, body, and equipment variations mean that a final-stage manufacturer (that’s us!) must build the truck to your specifications and ship them to Washington dealerships. 


Work-trucks are too specialized for OEMs to upfit themselves, so they use upfitters and bailment pools to more efficiently distribute to customers. The best upfitters know how to properly customize builds quickly and without compromising quality. Speed and customer service are priceless in this industry. The faster vehicles can get to you, the less downtime you will have, and the sooner your vehicles can get to work.


Commercial Truck Upfitting Is Our Thing

Truck upfitting in Oregon has come a long way since Basin Upfitting rolled into town. We’ve been at this for 12+ years, earning a position as a truck body upfitter-of-choice for dealerships across Oregon like Dick's Auto Group. We understand our customers, the work they do, and what equipment they need. 


Basin Upfitting is family-owned and operated, and we take great pride in making sure our customers have the best experience possible. Our shop is organized and set up in a way to optimize how many vehicles are completed each day. The sales reps quickly respond to issues, the scheduler stays ahead of bottlenecks, and the inventory guy knows exactly how many screws are in each cubby. We use an inventory management system that provides exact lead times, so your parts arrive in time before your vehicle is scheduled to be upfit. Then our fabricators build your vehicle before the other guys even get you a quote. 

What kind of trucks do you build?

Trucks, like everything else, is a spectrum, and we upfit them all. Peterbilt, Freightliner, Ford, Chevy, and RAM. From utility beds on a Ram 2500 to a mechanics body on a class 7 Freightliner, and everything in between. We build skirted and non-skirted flatbeds, gooseneck bodies, dump bodies, saw bodies, and lube trucks. We put boxes and ladder racks on light-duty pickup trucks. We put service bodies on crew-cab Ram 3500s. We put contractor bodies on 2024 Ram 5500s. You get the picture. We build work-trucks.

Which industries do you service?

Basin Upfitting offers light, medium, and heavy duty trucks (class 5–8) that are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of industries. Our most common customers include those who work in construction, utilities/municipalities, landscaping, oil/gas, fleet rental and service/repair.

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What kind of equipment do you use?

To compete with the best, we must be the best, which is why we only use premium truck  equipment from the nation’s best.

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Knapheide: Since 1848, they have been North America's most popular manufacturer of work truck bodies and truck beds. There are more Knapheide work trucks on the road today than any other manufacturer.


Bedrock Truck Beds:  Representing Texaspride, Bedrock has led innovation in the truck bed industry by inventing simple yet revolutionary solutions such as their patented adjustable headache racks, plug and play wiring adapters, pre-assembled installation kits, and the QUAD bed.

Venturo: Venturo manufactures custom truck bodies with service cranes designed with a telescopic boom and a base used for lifting and transporting heavy loads on construction sites and other industrial applications.

Royal Truck Body: Since 1971, Royal Truck Body has established itself the West’s leading service body manufacturer — consistently delivering bodies that are made to last, look great, and provide ample storage space for our customers.

These are just some of the brands we're top distributors for. We also carry EBY Alluminum Truck Beds, Merritt Racks, Decked, Maxon, Transfer Flow JoBox and many others for truck upfitting. See below for information on van upfitting. 


Cargo / Commercial Van Upfitting

Life’s too short to engage in a scavenger hunt every time you need tools or parts. Even worse if you don’t finish a job because you’re missing something, just to find out that you had it all along! An upfitted commercial van lets you roll up to a job site with everything you need to get a job done.


We have Transits, E-Transits, ProMasters, and ProMaster Cities, all available in different upfitting packages. Need to keep everything organized? Try the latest shelves and racks from Ranger Design and Kargo Master. Need to lift your heavy gear? We can integrate swinging and built-in ramps. We specialize in all commercial van shelving and equipment. If you need something ultra-specific, we’ll custom build it.

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Crew Van Upfitting

The techs at Basin Upfitting are certified to perform cabin conversions on Ram ProMasters, Ford Transits, & Mercedes Sprinter vans. We can transform your cargo van into a 6-passenger crew van with the only aftermarket seat to be crash-test approved by the FMVSS. We are the logical choice for a crew van conversion that is safe, certified, and comfortable, and we keep kits in stock for faster turnaround time.


Work Van Equipment

As a van upfitter in Oregon, Basin Upfitting builds vans for fleets of all sizes and industries, including delivery companies, solar technicians, and tradesmen. We use service van equipment from the best shelving manufacturers in the country:


Ranger Design: Ranger Design specializes in unique modular shelving systems for vans and trucks. Their focus is on innovative use of space and accessibility.

Kargo Master: Holman creates intelligent modular shelving systems that can be configured to perfectly fit your crew cargo van or truck. 


Sortimo: Sortimo makes high-quality shelving and racks designed for ergonomics and keeping gear secure in transit. 


Work van equipment like drawers, bins, and shelves maximize storage space and keep tools, equipment, and supplies organized. In addition, a roof rack for vans provides additional storage capacity, allowing for easy transport of oversized or bulky items. Cargo van upfitting is for the real pros who use their vans every day, so that they can carry out the work without multiple runs to the supply shop or hardware store. 

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Fleet Upfitting

Our shop is configured to provide the best fleet upfitting experience possible, as seen by the likes of Whipple, Enterprise and Flex Fleet (to name drop a couple). We designed it specifically for the rapid assembly of a high volume of light and medium-duty truck and van builds. No job is too big. We understand that a service body is more than a flatbed with boxes, but if that’s what you want, we can build it anyway. 


Some of our techs have been working on trucks since 1873 (just kidding, but it’s been a long time). We’re more tech-forward than your local old boys—all of our data is centralized and accessible. What that means for your fleet is better communication and more transparency into your job. If you need an update, anyone that picks up the phone can look in our CRM and tell you exactly what’s going on. 


Fleet managers consider us an extension of their team. Where we really shine is if you need multiple flatbeds, service bodies, dump trucks, and other commercial fleet upfits built well and quickly.



What is a bailment pool?

Basin Upfitting can provide you with a work-ready vehicle, but we are not a dealer. We are a bailment pool (one of Ram’s top bailment pools in the nation) and upfitter, which means that we have an inventory of vehicles available for sale or upfit. If you need a new vehicle, you can choose from our inventory or build one with a dealer. Once a dealer places an order, we provide a chassis from our pool and upfit them to your specifications. Even though it may seem confusing, bailment pools are used to speed up fulfillment and lower costs for customers.


What is an upfitter?

Upfitting is a new word. So new, in fact, that we struggled whether to use when naming our company. I guess you could say we're pioneers now.


Upfitters, also known as final-stage or truck body manufacturers, are experts in installing specialized equipment and making structural changes to vehicles. OEMs don’t do their own upfitting—they use an upfitter. 

The upfitters here at Basin Upfitting are extremely skilled. Our van upfitters only work on vans. They know the wiring, where to drill, which drop-down ladder rack fits the top of a 2014 Ford Transit versus a 2021 ProMaster City. Our truck upfitters only work on trucks. They know where to tickle to make it purr. Some of our welders and fabricators have over 30 years of experience.

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Service Areas 

We service all of Oregon State for commercial van and truck upfitting, including these cities:

  • Beaverton

  • Bend

  • Corvallis

  • Eugene

  • Gresham

  • Hillsboro

  • Medford

  • Portland

  • Salem

  • Springfield

Bailment Pool


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