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AGC UTAH: Golf, Tequila and Bad Birdie merch.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Every year we sponsor 5 holes across 5 courses in Midway, UT to support AGC UTAH. We bring out all the sales guys, whichever office employees want some sunshine, lots of cool merch/prizes for our chipping game and certainly, a little tequila. This is a little recap of our time in the mountains.

Below are the winners of the limited edition Bad Birdie polos from Basin Upfitting and Knapheide, in order of how they were drawn:

Todd Bingham VT Manufacturers Assoc.

Zeke Staker Parson

Tyson Robbins Geneva Rock

James Price Jacobsen

Darren Jensen Goodfellow

Craig Lybbert BYU

Bart Jackson B Jackson Construction

Aaron Houser GSL Electric

Anthony Peressini Universal Engineering

Brandon Cluff Wasatch County

Mickey Larson Larson Pools

John Erickson Okland

Jason Hughes Hughes GC

Jake Daines Amfab Steel

Ryan Tingey Intermountain Rigging

Nick Hammer Staker Parson

Jeff Pulver Midwest Division

Dave Turner Hearth & Home

Brent Hunziker Whitaker

Congrats on the new outfit! If you see your name and someone hasn't reached out to you, please call us. We hope to see you next year up in Midway!


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